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Our Story

Cecilia De La Rosa

Vetted Contractor Network was developed after years of acting as a contractor referral service to many of my own clients for their projects.

For almost 2 decades, I witnessed many challenges most small to midsized contractors face when it comes to finding the right contractors to work with.

Sure, choosing a subcontractor may sound like an easy task; but for those lacking a proper vetting system, hiring the wrong subcontractor can turn out to be a costly mistake resulting in insurance claims, audit premiums, and legal issues for the hiring contractor.

Throughout my years as a commercial insurance agent I’ve seen General Contractors get stuck with claims for construction damage or injured workers due to uninsured, underinsured or even expired General Liability or Workers Comp policies, resulting in thousands of dollars in claims, increased insurance premiums, and unexpected additional premium due to an audit.

All of this, even though the Subcontractor provided a valid Certificate of Insurance; only to find out later that the policy expired after they were hired, or was cancelled, or maybe even forged. All of these situations could have been easily avoided if the General Contractor had a due diligence system in place to properly verify their subcontractors.

With the help of our talented and experienced team we’ve been able to create a user-friendly platform that provides the transparency and support needed in the contractor community, and as a result is designed to help companies minimize risk when hiring contractors.

-Cecilia De La Rosa, founder and director of the Vetted Contractor Network, is a licensed Commercial Insurance agent and consultant in OR, WA & NV, Workers Compensation consultant, Certified Safety Manager, and accredited instructor for the EPA’s RRP Lead Certification course.

What We Do

In the construction business, good relationships are based on a foundation of mutual trust, quality work, and integrity. Whether you’ve been in business for decades or you’re just starting out, developing lasting relationships in the construction industry is crucial to building a sustainable business.

Our team has over 2 decades of experience working with contractors which gives us the ability to understand the complicated, frustrating process of finding qualified contractors to help you meet your project deadlines. Our expertise includes commercial insurance, safety & risk management, marketing and client – relationship development.

About Us

We Believe

We believe personal connections and networks strengthen our contractor community. With practical tools, support, and opportunities to implement Risk Management initiatives that will contribute to Safety & Compliance, we can effect positive change. In an ever-changing multicultural environment, we can explore our differences and come together to meet common interests and goals.

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