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Search and hire from a pool of qualified, vetted contractors, because the success of your projects depends on it.



From account status, to editing your company information, to easy navigation through the platform; it’s all right here in one central location.

  • Add Content – Add photos and videos, share podcasts and articles, all with a simple upload and publish feature
  • Update Company Information – Display hours of operation, trade specialties, contact info, certificates and specialized training.
  • Access Notifications – View bid invites, messages and reviews from members, and see from which platforms members are connecting with you
  • Access Anywhere, Any Device – Mobile friendly design allows you to access from home or on the road – desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone


Vetted Contractor Network makes managing and editing your profile simple. As your business changes, so can your profile.

  • Branding Your Business – Attract more attention by adding a company logo, contact information, a company motto or slogan, and hours of operation.
  • Click-to-Call – Don’t miss important calls. One-button click-to-call allows members to contact you with a single click on your profile from their phone.
  • Social Connections – Connect with members through social media links such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and your web site URL for added credibility.
  • Business Description – Introduce your business and let contractors know what you specialize in so you don’t waste time chasing bad leads.


Need subs for a future project? Taking on a larger project and need to build your team? Post your Upcoming Projects and connect with vetted contractors.

  • Advance Scheduling – Post in upcoming projects to schedule in advance. You and your subs can plan based on projects you’ve been accepted to.

  • Indicate Trades and Requirements – Identify requirements when you post for your project: size of project, public or private, trades needed, and project timeline.

  • Building Your Team (Favorites) – Add contractors to your favorites list. When your next project is ready to start you already have a pre-selected team to work with.


Save time and money standing in line at permit counter by applying, and checking permits online. E-permitting and permit lookups, where available can streamline your process.

  • 24-Hour Access – Save on travel and wait time at the permit counter by filing and checking permit status online.

  • Status & Inspections – Keep track of the permit status, make corrections, and schedule inspections easily online.

  • Recordkeeping – Reduce paper and storage space. Online records can be managed and kept in digital storage devices, saving significantly on resources.

  • Accuracy & Ease of Access – Reduce discrepancies and offer transparency with subcontractors and property owners.


It’s important to know the contractor you are hiring is properly licensed, and in good standing. Check State requirements for contractor licensing and utilize our interactive map selector to find a local licensing verification online. (Licensing varies by state, cost of project, and trade requirements)

  • Search By State – Check business and trade licenses by State for contractors. Search by license number, business name, or contractor name.

  • Application / Renewal Process – Research application requirements and start application or renewal process online. Access approved CE providers where mandated.

  • Dispute Resolution –  Many states also offer a claim / dispute resolution. Check your state for availability and process for filing..


The Member center is your home page for searching, inviting, local and national news, and important bulletins for our members. Check current weather, start searching and inviting members, and search for upcoming projects.

  • Construction Industry News – Live news feed to stay updated with OSHA regulations and construction news and stories from around the country.

  • Search & Invite Members – Find and connect with fellow member contractors. Search for members based on trade or location, while GC’s and subs can send out bid invites to subs.

  • Bulletin Boards / Weather – Check up-to-the minute weather in your local area, and check for Important updates and member notifications that are posted regularly on the bulletin board.


Build your team for current or upcoming projects. Search Members and invite them individually or send group invite to get multiple bid options to select from.

  • Invite by Trade – Search for Drywall, plumbing, or contractors by trade. View and connect directly with specialty craftsmen.

  • Invite by Location – Find Contractors based on the location of the project to eliminate requests and responses from contractors out of your area.

  • Invitation Form – General Contractors and Property Professionals fill out and submit an Invitation form to which local, qualified subs can respond.


At the end of each project, invite contractors you’ve worked with to leave you a review to help strengthen your relationship and the quality of your business listing.

  • Set Yourself Apart – What others say about you sets you apart. Online reviews is a great way to differentiate your business from the competitor.

  • Feedback – Listening leads to improvements. Both positive AND negative reviews can help you improve your business.

  • Ask for Reviews – The most important things are the most obvious. If you don’t ask for positive reviews, you won’t like the ones you get.

  • Reviews Promote Business – Getting online reviews should be an ongoing process for your business. Reviews can impact your bottom line.


See what’s going on with upcoming trade shows, conventions, seminars, or corporate team-building exercises in your area. Attending live events will energize your business benefits your employees and your community. Even add events that others may consider attending.

  • Industry Trade Shows – Encounter new vendors and suppliers and discover innovative products and services for your business.

  • Home Shows – Attend or take part in upcoming trade shows. Home show have fun meet and greet events and you can expose your business to homeowners.

  • Seminars & Conferences – The educational aspect of a conference can expose you to new ways of conducting your business and help you discover how to be more productive.

  • Team Building – From golf tournaments to whitewater rafting to charity events, working together can be fun and a great way to give back to your community.


Safety Audits and checklists are imperative to safety on the job site. Use our pre-templated checklists to schedule regular inspections of tools, equipment, and work sites.

  • Walkthrough Inspections – Use these checklists to walk around the job site on a regular basis to verify safety procedures are being maintained.

  • Equipment Inspections – Regular equipment inspections for ladders, fall arrest devices, scaffolding, and much, much more.

  • Recordkeeping for OSHA Audits  – OSHA inspections can be expensive if you don’t have proper recordkeeping, and can’t demonstrate


Podcasts are the new blog. Storytelling is changing, and new mediums of storytelling are emerging. As an alternative to video you are able to share your knowledge and experience in a way that engages the auditory sense.

  • The Art of Storytelling – In a world where our senses in most recent times have been trained for visual perception, podcasts are becoming more popular as a method of communication because they take us back to our roots of storytelling.

  • The Power of Podcasts – Podcasts are the great Connector. Podcast can do many things: educate, entertain, make us laugh, inform, and they inspire.

  • Podcast Nuances – Vocal inflection, pitch, rate of speech, emotion, and emphasis are subtle nuances that allow you to connect on a human level.

  • Attention & Distraction – Podcasts are less demanding from an attention standpoint; they don’t require you to stop what you’re doing to pay attention.


Join our community of professional contractors discussing business development, contractor issues and trade specific questions. Share experiences, offer solutions and get involved.

  • Establish Yourself as an Expert – Do you have extensive experience in your field? Help members solve their problems by providing expert solutions. Our forum is your opportunity to build your authority/credibility.

  • Ask Questions – Get answers to questions from experts in that field. It’s okay not to know everything, and it’s just as important to ask when you don’t know. Forums provide real life experiences to answer your questions.

  • Members Community – Provide and receive constructive advice from other members who share the same interests and passions that you do. More interaction and viewpoints creates a stronger community.


Photos capture the beauty of you projects in the most simple way possible, and business owners are catching on to the usefulness of online sharing to draw interest and display their profession.

  • Photos Worth 1,000 Words – Photos describe things you just can’t put into words. Upload as many photos as you want, and tag them with project names that can be found using our search function.

  • Specific Focus – Centering the focal point and displaying vertical or horizontal layouts of photos allow you to focus on a specific object, or detail of the work being done.

  • Workmanship on Display – A great way to show your before & after results and put your skills on display. Show off your talents to those you work with, and work for to build trust and credibility.


Videos connect in a way that is unparalleled by other media forms. Video is the most popular form of information distribution, with over 1 Billion people users on YouTube alone.

  • Videos Worth 1,000 Photos – Connect to your YouTube channel as a unique way to share when a still picture just isn’t enough. Share finished projects and workmanship in moving pictures to members and potential clients.

  • Memorable – Whether you’re posting about your latest project, a tutorial or safety, video is the way to go. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch a video as opposed to 10% when it is text.

  • Workmanship on Display – A great way to show your before & after results and put your skills on display. Show off your talents to those you work with, or may potentially work to build trust and credibility..


Our publicly listed Classifieds section open to the public to provide more exposure. We do this at no additional cost to you. You post, and we provide the marketing.

  • We Market Classifieds – Classified ads are promoted online to attract a wider audience. This means your ad can be seen by more potential buyers because the ads are publicly listed and searchable pages.

  • Target Your Audience – Ads target those that matter. Online classifieds let you interact directly with those making inquiries about your ad, also creates a good opportunity to develop your network.

  • Add/Edit/Remove – Manage your ad by simply logging in to your account, make your change or remove your post and that’s it. Quick and easy!


Hiring? Create a Post, Include job title, details about the position, type of experience & qualifications required, compensation, benefits, hours etc with unlimited edits. Our team establishes affiliations with the relevant contractor trade schools and organizations to increase your engagement.

  • Industry-Specific Job Posts – This online job board is for construction related jobs only. Whether you need a talented carpenter, or an office specialist, post job openings at no additional cost here.

  • Public Listing – This Construction industry-specific job board offers an opportunity to not only be found by vetted network members but by those looking for construction jobs online. We promote these pages in search engines for you.

  • Niche Relevance – Job Boards are one of the 3  top sources of hiring. Niche job boards attract specific candidates that possess specialized skills and relevant, up-to-date experience, offering higher quality responses.


Implementing practices and procedures to prevent equipment from being stolen is important, but if it does happen to you, we can help bring awareness to your stolen item. Together with national Associations we can help increase the chance that your equipment may be recovered. (Police Report # Required)

  • Details – Include an accurate description of Year, Make, Model, Serial number, color, and upload a photo. This information should be listed on your Inland Marine insurance policy.

  • Stolen or Missing – A police report must be filed and the case number is required. If you do not have this, the item is considered missing, and not stolen. It is also helpful to share this on all social media outlets you have at your disposal.


We want to make you feel like you are part of our family. Our friendly and helpful support staff are here to help you with any troubles you may encounter with your membership.

  • Email and Phone Support – Our customer service representatives are available on the phone during regular business hours, and we respond to emails within 24 business hours.

  • Business Success – Our success is dependent on your success. If you ever have a question about anything at all, feel free to contact us.

  • How-To Content – We don’t expect you to know how to do everything right from the beginning, so we gave you a step-by-step guide on how to upload content to your profile.

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